Our Products

Fire Protection system products

  • Fire sprinklers-Standard Coverage, Extended Coverage, Dry Type, Residential, Spray Nozzles, Sprinkler Accessories, Storage
  • Valves and Systems-Riser Assemblies, wet pipe systems, dry pipe systems, deluge and pre action systems, flow control and pressure regulations
  • Grooved piping systems
  • CPVC Piping systems
  • System Valves-Backflow preventers, Gate valves and Indicator Posts, Trim Valves, 13D residential systems, Flow test system, test and drain modules, butterfly valves.
  • Steel pipe and fittings
  • FDC Equipment
  • Foam Products
  • Hangers and Fasteners
  • Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps
  • Water Storage Tanks

Extinguisher Products

  • Hand Held Extinguishers
  • Wheeled Extinguishers
  • Spot Protection Extinguishers
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Spare Parts